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We would like to introduce our company as a contractor offering our services for carrying out sand, / Grit/ Copper and glass beads, abrasive blasting and painting of high build epoxies, polyurethane’s coating by brush, and Air-less spray method for fertilizers, chemical industries, oil refineries, offshore platforms, shipyards, Power plants, pipe lines, etc. We have executed sandblasting and painting work for our esteemed clients. are as follows:

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Epoxy Coating Contractor in Mumbai

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Shot Blasting Contractor in Mumbai

Sand Blasting

Sandblasting, sometimes known as abrasive blasting, is the operation of forcibly propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface..
Shot Blasting Contractor in Mumbai

Shot Blasting

Shot blasting is a resurfacing process used to remove debris and irregularities from concrete, metal, and other industrial surfaces.
Shot Blasting Contractor in Mumbai

Copper Slag Blasting

The use of blasting media is a widely used technique for preparing, cleaning, and machining steel and other metal surfaces, for example.
Shot Blasting Contractor in Mumbai

Quartz Blasting

Blasting involves propelling a stream of abrasive material against a surface under high pressure. It is a fast and economical process for smoothing a rough surface,
Shot Blasting Contractor in Mumbai


Guniting is a process used in construction for slope stabilization and various other rehabilitation purposes in the construction of retaining walls, water retaining structures and concrete repair works.
Shot Blasting Contractor in Mumbai

Industrial & Decorative painting

The decorative paint category constitutes almost 75% of the overall market and includes multiple categories like exterior wall paints, interior wall paints, wood finishes and enamels, as well as ancillary products like primers, putties, etc.

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Commercial Painting Services

A wide variety of factors, including shops, restaurants, hotels, banks, malls, and contemporary office interiors, are included in commercial painting.

Industrial Painting Services.

It can be done on a very large size or on a modest scale for an office painting. Famous for Commercial and Residential painting Contractor.

Residencial Painting Services

Residential paint is creating the painting of your home, which could be a bungalow, a studio, a single, a double, a three-bedroom apartment, a condominium, a tiny cottage, or something similar.